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Seperating you and me...this skin is in the way
These are the sins of my youth
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30th-Sep-2013 01:44 pm - You.
I think about those last moments in the airport a lot. The way we held hands and kissed repeatedly. I didn't want to let you go.

A week until we can repeat ourselves :)
21st-Apr-2013 02:36 pm - I did New York AGAIN.
Well, I've had an amazing, much needed weekend in New York. Much needed because my depression has been coming back on for some reason lately. It's being triggered by random things, some of them the most idiotic things. And it's been giving me crazy thoughts, and it's driving me insane. It's helping so much being around people I care about, people that make me laugh, people that are awesome. I don't even think these people realize how much they help me. But then I'm not very good at telling people these things. I just write it down like the anti-social recluse I can be LOL

So anyway, there is a cute princess hiding deep down in this headbanger, and when she sees cute things and cute opportunities, she jumps out and squees taha Which is exactly what she did this weekend :D I donned my false eyelashes, had Jali do my makeup and hair, put on a pretty dress and danced at the Kyary show in New York City.

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So, I decided to stay home on my days off of work, no travelling out of town. No socializing....well except that sushi/bookstore date tomorrow taha But that nerd doesn't count. I see him almost everyday.

This is a rare occurance but I've been taking advantage of it. I locked myself away in the house and CLEANED EVERYTHING. I'm trying to get rid of half my clothes that I never wear anymore and I'm also trying to reorganize everything again. Old things need to come down so that new things can be put up. The purple passion was also taken to the carwash and scrubbed to the sound of Gazette radio. Just headbanging with my foambrush. I got a few looks. taha I had to take my car in to change a tire and the guy asked me if there was a dead body somewhere beneath everything in the backseat. When someone asks you that, you know it's time to clean the car taha I can't help it if I almost live in the thing. I explained the boogie board was picked up on the side of the road and I just never got around to taking it out and all those clothes....well I change in my car a lot....when I'm on the run. I have no idea how old that bag of chips is and I really should scrape all this change up. I probably have enough hidden away for a mini vacay taha

After all the cleaning was done, I sat down to read a new book I downloaded on the kindle. A story about a man who wakes up in a tub of ice because the prostitute he'd fucked the night before had stolen his kidney LOL What. But it gets better. They fall in love. It's still not as fucked up as that Twilight love triangle.

Kyary is coming up with a quickness so I spent the rest of the evening chatting with Ren and practicing my aegyo. I'm not very good at being cute. I mean I like babydoll dresses and false eyelashes on occassion, but I'm not naturally cute taha I go between wanting to be a girly girl and wanting to have a huge cock. It's so weird.

Also, I still haven't decided what I'm wearing yet *frustration abound* So much frustration tonight. I'm waiting until about 3am to open up the AoiKazu file and get back to work. I feel like inspriation is gonna hit right about then as it usually does, if doesn't I'll go back to watching cat videos and porn. That usually helps LOL
I'm so lonely. tahaha

Evidence of my boredom, I just had a photoshoot with my posters and my cat.
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26th-Feb-2013 09:34 am - Adventures in Japanland :D
Shou happy

[ How I'm feeling| Still blah]
[ What I'm listening to| Ms Mr- Bones

Well I've been back from Japan for MONTHS now, but I haven't had much time to write anything up on it! (okay that's not entirely true, I'm just lazy and...yeah.)

Anyway, JAPAN. homygawd. It was everything and more I thought it would be. What a dream trip. Half the time I was wanting to pinch myself just to make sure I was actually there and everything that was happening was actually happening to me. Too much happened over the span of two weeks but I'll try to highlight the best parts.

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5th-May-2012 12:46 pm(no subject)
I just finished spring cleaning my room and posting a few more half naked Japanese rockers on my wall....and decided I'd do a "what's in my purse" post lol Well let's make it a "what's in my nursing bag" post because my smaller purse is a bit more boring. And yes my nursing bag is a Harajuku Lovers bag LOL Not a big fan of Gwen Stefani but I think these bags are so cute! And they're big and spacey, and I need big and spacey for my 8 hour shifts T___T I need a lot to get me through them lol I also took some pictures of how the weird junk and sexy men in my room is growing steadily. Be prepared. LOL

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OMFG. I've been freaking out all morning LOL It just so happens that Gazette is doing their Heterodoxy tour this July while I'm in Japan WTF......*takes a moment*......*freaks out* My life is complete now, yes it is. It's been a good year, a learning year, a fun year, but it's also been difficult....and THIS....this just makes my year. I'm going to Japan with an awesome friend, and I'm going to meet all my other awesome friends and I'm going to rock out to Gazette. What more do I need? (except Gazette tied to my bed??) I was ecstatic before just knowing I was going to Japan, I'm like....in a coma now LMAO I'm an emotional person, give me a break taha

I can hardly explain in words, so here's a crapload of gifs to express how my morning went tahaha:

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5th-Feb-2012 01:56 pm - Vegas baby!! <3
There is nothing innocent at all about this post. :D You are forewarned?

Aaaah Las Vegas! I now see exactly why it's called the city of sin. You can't get one foot without encountering something sinful everywhere you go lmao It was great. By the second day it was completely normal to see naked women pasted on the side of trucks advertising sex o___o And as we walked the streets, we were handed these little cards with naked women on them that you could call for a "date" as they called them taha >___> hmm. I found this amusing so I tried collecting them all, like pokemon >__< Funny story, on the airplane ride home, I had stuffed the cards in my jacket pocket and fell asleep and sometime later someone shook me awake. When I turned back to see who the hell was waking me up, the woman behind me had all my cards in her hand and was smiling at me taha They had fallen everywhere and my friends were laughing at me -_______- What a perv, I know. I just wanted a collection from Las Vegas D:<

There was also a porn convention that happened to be going on the days we were there, figures. I didn't know this until I stepped out of my hotel room one night to find water and was locked out accidentally lol. So I went wandering and met a few porn actors down the hall >___< They were angry that they were dropped off in the wrong area of the hotel, but I was able to talk to them for a bit and then wandered down to play some of the slot machines...well the batman one to be more exact heh heh I loved it so much o____o I lost a bit of money and won a bit. I was just having fun playing the Joker for the bonus rounds lol Later on, someone in my room finally woke up to my insistent banging on the door and let me inside tahaha They just missed out on meeting porn actors for leaving me locked out heh heh *pops collar like a pimp*

The first day in Vegas we just walked up and down the strips, running in and out of all the casinos and hotels and trying to take in all the visual stimulation. There's just so much going at one time it's almost too much. There were so many favorite places, I can't pick which one I liked more! The Paris was awesome with it's Eiffel tower replica and it's huuuuuge drinks in the shape of the Eiffle o____o We carried those drinks around aaall night and sipped on them taha. I don't think I ever finished mine to be exact. We also ate breakfast there at Mon Ami Gabi and gourged on fine dining like their FRITES. lol Thin fries are the best >___>

The Bellagio and Venetian were amazing as well. The Venetian had a whole river snaking inside of it and a Gondola came through to pick people up. There were also some shops that looked like Venetian buildings and the sky was painted on the ceiling. At intervals, the sky would get dark and cloudy and start storming and raining :D Oh yeaaah.

We also checked out the nightlife to see how it compared to what we were used to. Weeell, I have to say....Las Vegas is definitely for high rollers and plastic people :D taha At the Cosmopolitan there was a nice club that everyone in town kept telling us to check out, so we dress up nicely and go up to the bouncer of the club with passes to get in that we had haggled from someone lol Well, one person in our group didn't have the right sort of dress shoes on so we were turned away...wtf...reallly?? taha So we told them to fuck off and went and chilled in a gay bar where we met a couple of awesome chicks from San Fransisco. They told us that this particular club was turning away everyone and it wasn't even worth it. It was full of horribly snobbish people that only talked about their amazing cars and living off of daddy's money, blah blah blah and no one could even dance because the dancefloor was so packed lol I wouldn't recommend the Marquee if any of you go to Vegas. Just cross it off the list taha Instead we roamed the city with the San Fran girls and ran around the Bellagio and surrounding places. The fountains and lights around there are just amazing. The ambience is lovely.

We decided to try out an elite club again but the fees were so ridiculous I turned on my heel and prepared myself to leave. But the bouncer stopped me and asked me if I was walking away because I didn't want to pay the entry fee. Um, Yes? I'm not emptying my wallet to dance when I could just dance out in the lobby or on the sidewalk to the music they play EVERYWERE. So the bouncer just grins and stamps my hand along with the people we had brought along. I was so shocked lmao I don't think I've ever been granted entry for free to a club, especially a really nice one o__O They must have really needed good reviews taha We get into the club and it's nice. Cage dancers, great light show, great music, big dance floor, balcony dance floor, ect. But it isn't anything I haven't seen before. We danced until five in the morning and then wandered back into the Bellagio where a silver horse stood beneath a ceiling of multi-colored flowers taha and in one room a whole chinese garden had been constructed with Dragons o__o There were dragons all over the city because it's the year of the dragon according to someone we asked. Go dragons heh heh We're loved this year :D

We also ate a lunch and then a dinner the next night at the Stratosphere o___o Coolest restaurant ever because you're eating more than 800 feet above the city of Las Vegas, and the entire restaurant is rotating so you can get an entire view. How amazing is that? I think I watched the scenery more than ate, but the food was delicious as well. The best was at night where the whole city was lit up and the restaurant was dark except the lights outside and a single candle in the middle of the table. So peaceful. It gave an unreal feeling to the whole experience. And every so often a building jumper would come falling outside the window on their ropes which made everything even more exciting. I thought about trying to jump but then we never had enough time and it was soo cooooold at night. I may try it the next time I'm there o___o It looked like so much fun.

Another thing I didn't get to do, that I've always wanted to do was go into the mountains there and take the Indian trails. But I've already decided that next time I go to Nevada, I'm taking a road trip there and I'm stopping in Arizona on the way so that I can see Tombstone and I want to go to the Grand Canyon as well. I may do this when the Burning Man festival comes around o___o I'm gonna go live in the desert and run around with some artists LMAO Sounds like a good time.

One of the favorite stores I went into was the Coca Cola factory...of course *chuckle* I was in coca cola heaven @__________@ I bought the around the world tray to taste colas from different countries. Some of those flavors were pretty disgusting but others were delicious. I was just happy to be able to try them all. I bought a pair of coca cola earrings to remember my cola experience. I should probably have a coke shrine in my bedroom by now with how much I adore cola lmao >___>

We also saw a cirque du soleil show on our last night in town. It was the Zumanity show, which had mixed reviews because of it's very adult content. Heh heh Well that was just my sort of thing. You definitely had to have an open mind to see it. Lots of nudity and sex.....well the entire thing was about human sexuality. I thought it was hilarious, sensual, and even beautiful at some parts. There was one act where a woman is tied up in ropes and she's just tying herself up in different ways and even chokes herself and there's very soft gasping and moaning in the background. For some reason, I found that very sensual of course, but also beautiful in a way. I was captivated by the way she portrayed that dark and sensual side of bondage. *contented sigh* And the "host" I guess you would call him was a hilarious crossdresser. He had me laughing throughout the whole thing. I would definitely see the show again if I had the chance. I was not disappointed o__o

We also saw a few burlesque type shows at different places just because we were in Vegas and that's what people do in Vegas lol I prefer the more classy burlesque I saw in New Orleans, but these were nice....and dirty taha

I also recommend eating at TAO. I had dumplings and sushi there and was in heaven for a little while. The place is decorated beautifully and there's a huuuuge Buddha statue standing in the middle of the restaraunt. They also boast an amazing danceclub.

Overall, this trip was a crazy experience. I met some strange and lovely people and participated in strange and lovely activities taha >____< During the wait at the airport to come back home, we sat and watched the sun rise over the Nevada mountains. It was so gorgeous -___________- And a perfect ending to an awesome trip.

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18th-Dec-2011 03:27 pm - New Yooooork, New Yooooork <3
New Yooooooork city! I have to say....this was probably one of the loveliest trips I've taken yet. I had an amazing time o____o and actually got to see more of the city than I did the last time. Probably because we decided to use the subway and walked....a lot....which ended in us getting turned around and lost a few times taha -____- It was awesome. Omi said it wouldn't be us if we weren't going the wrong direction....and if we think we should go one way, we should just go the opposite way. I had to agree lol And it wasn't that New York is a hard city to get around in, it's actually quite easy. The streets are a godsend since they're numbered in order, we would just start talking or laughing and we'd miss turns and such and have to backtrack....or jump off the subway lol

I enjoyed getting lost and being able to explore places I hadn't seen yet. I knew I wouldn't be taking any buses or taxis. I feared for my life with the new york driver that took me and a few other travellers from the airport to our destinations @___@ He kept trying to run people over....literally....like he was getting points for barely missing pedestrians and other buses by an inch LMAO The guy I was sitting next to, who was also from Texas kept looking at me with horror in his eyes and then laughing taha It took about two very long hours to get through the traffic in Manhattan, even with the bus driver weaving dangerously in and out of the traffic and running redlights....but in those two hours I talked to the dallas guy....I love random chance encounters. I learned the guy was coming to New York to study medicine, but he wasn't so sure he would like living here when his first experience in the city was nearly getting killed by an insane, and very angry bus driver who kept yelling in Italian....tahaha Eventually dallas guy got off the bus and I was dropped off in front of the chelsea hostel....and immediately glomped by a crying Omi tahaha *sqeals* It was surreal meeting her face to face the first time. We knew each other so well....and yet hadn't met physically until that moment, such a strange feeling! I knew immediately we were going to tear the town up taha

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I was bored this morning so this is what happened. I tag anyone who wants to do this of course. I stole it from some random blog as I always do. *looks around with shifty eyes* Crapton of media under the cut, so beware. I had some fun with this :D I've always wished my life had a soundtrack T_____T

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