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Hi, Ashley here (a.k.a Life_giver)

This is my personal journal where my strange thoughts and rantings are collected. I love making new friends so don’t be afraid to friend me, I’ll most likely add you if you’re interested in being friends and knowing how my mind works. You can add me even if we don’t have the same interests because opposites attract don’t they? Haha If you were directed here by my writing journal then welcome, but I warn you, if you don’t want to know all that personal junk about me it might not be a good idea to add me. I can be quite strange. If you do want to know the workings of my mind, then go ahead heh

First thing you need to know about me (if you need to know anything *____*) Is that I’m open-minded and friendly, and I hardly ever scare anyone away *proud* haha A few additional facts;

Favorite bands: (Jrock) Gazette, Dir en grey, D’espairsray, An Café, Girugamesh, 12012, Kagrra, Nightmare, and weird unconventional bands like Guniw Tools and The candy spooky theater and so many others that trying to write them down would take up a whole page I’m sure. I listen to a wide variety of music besides jrock ranging from rock, metal, techno, classical, oldies (oh yes I do taha), anything you can imagine basically. I come from a musical background, so I was basically christianed with my dad's guitar oil and grew up traveling to gigs, which is why I'm probably half deaf taha

Favorite movies: Interview with the vampire, The king and the clown, Death note series, and sad and perverted foreign films oh la la

Things I love: My friends and family, writing (I'm married to it), reading anything relating to yaoi, Jrock, chocolate, Chinese/Japanese/Indian food, photography, the Anne Rice vampire chronicles, dancing, making people laugh, making people feel awesome haha, porn >_> (maybe too much...no wait...there's never too much porn), cross-dressing guys, crossdressing girls, SMUT, incense (*have* to have my incense), a million different taboo fetishes, piercings, shoooes, candles, different cultures, pretty boys, sexy girls, Japan, my religion...Uruha-ism, androgyny, grotesque things, and dark fantasy related things.

Dislikes: Gum-chewing, most things with more than four legs, closed-minded people, intentionally rude and snooty people, hurricanes or any other catastrophic weather (surprisingly tornadoes terrify me more than hurricanes :/ I guess because you can actually see a tornado coming), flat shoes, allergies, night-terrors, country music, traffic (other drivers lmao), hurt feelings and misunderstandings, the color pea green, large animals (Tigers and lother big cats are an exception), deceitfulness and lying, racism, gas prices, boredom, and white walls.

A little bit more: I’m currently a nurse (oh yeah, finally right taha) and am very busy with this new career and life in general. The medical field strives to own your life…and it nearly succeeds in that. Life has been treating me very well lately, I get to do what I love, and travel when I can. I'm having a million different strange and awesome experiences, making mistakes and learning from them, and just living my life the best way I can.

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"A Montrealite (Jali) and a Texan (Ashley) walk into Japan. Wait for the punchline."

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